Dear followers, sones and maomaos;

4 years ago I became a sone. Early 2010, I found Girls Generation and it opened my eyes to the world of kpop. The girls were beautiful and great singers. But what got me to love them so much was Jessica. The blonde haired girl who looked cold but was full of love. 

But today we find out that Girls Generation will no longer be OT9 but… 8 and the member leaving is Jessica. My heart stopped; I felt vulnerable, heartbroken, hopeless, angry, and sad. It hit me hard and I know I am not alone. 12 years of being a trainee and another 7 amazing year with her sisters but in the end she is forced to leave.

I have never had much hatred for SM Entertainment. Controversy after controversy I have always stuck up for SM because they founded all our groups that we love and support to this day. But I have reached my limit. I love Lee Sooman and I know it’s not his fault. He put so much effort in his artists; supporting each and everyone of them. But I shake my head towards SM and their CEO Kim Young-min.

I don’t know what to do… I don’t know what to feel… I just cried. Girls Generation is 8 not 9. I still can’t even sink this whole situation in. It won’t be the same, and it can never be the same anymore. It’s been done but I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m so heartbroken that these girls who became sisters are having to deal with this and I can’t imagine what Jessica is feeling. I will support Girls Generation but it’ll feel different. I will support Jessica because my love and admiration for her will never die. I hope she is okay… She’s looks strong but in reality she’s weak. 

For this blog: to my 5,000 followers, and the millions of sones/maomaos I continue this blog for SNSD’s Jessica. I will support her as a girls generation member and as a soloist/designer

In my heart it will always be OT9.

Jessica Jung… Jung Soo-yeon… Don’t give up.


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